Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is ETFnext different from other ETF sites?

Gathering unbiased information on the sector rotation of the U.S. stock market can be a time consuming and tedious task. That’s why we developed ETFnext.

ETFnext was designed for daily use. It takes only a minute or two to review changes to the market rotation. All results are available with a single click. There is no need to run complex screens and to adjust options, or experiment with different parameters.

ETFnext works well with mobile devices. Simply open up in the web browser of your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll see the same information as you would see using your desktop or laptop.

How do you rank the ETFs?

A simple technical analysis screen is applied to a comprehensive list of sector ETFs daily, after the market close. The screen identifies investments that are trending higher while above their respective 100-day moving averages.

To reduce redundancy when multiple ETFs are available for the tracking of a given equity sector or subsector, the most liquid ETF is selected with the highest average volume.

Next, the funds are ranked by their 3-month return, also referred to as the Rate-of-Change indicator, to evaluate the relative momentum of all sector ETFs. The resulting ranking shows the most bullish ETF investments in the current market environment.

What is your affiliation with Axiomix?

Both and were developed by Axiomix, Inc., but focus on different types of investments (ETFs vs. mutual funds). Axiomix, Inc. is a technical analysis research firm.